Fall 2018 Youth Basketball Tryouts

Starting 5ive Fall 2018 AAU Tryouts
Grade Date Time Location
2nd/3rd Boys Sept. 4 6:00-7:00 Newark Academy Upstairs
4th Boys Sept. 4 7:00-8:00 Newark Academy Upstairs
5th Boys Sept. 4 8:00-9:00 Newark Academy Upstairs
6th Boys Sept. 5 6:00-7:00 Newark Academy Upstairs
7th Boys Sept. 5 7:00-8:00 Newark Academy Upstairs
8th Boys Sept. 5 8:00-9:00 Newark Academy Upstairs
HS Sept. 10 7:00-8:00 Newark Academy Upstairs


STARTING 5IVE has been of existence since 2005 when a young group of 7th graders asked to form a Dynasty. With the help of some home town parents and dedicated players, the Starting 5ive program was well on it’s way to a successfull launch.

We are here to promote a winning attitude, but most importantly encourage players to work hard in every drill and everything that they encounter. We do not recruit players, however we take pride in training and promoting our players to be successful on and off of the court. Everyone WINS when our players get accepted into the college of their choice or even better…a SCHOLARSHIP.

It is our responsibility to stay up to date with the latest training methods and coaching techniques.  We achieve this by attending seminars and doing our own research during the off-season.

OUR STAFF has SEVERAL years of experience in YOUTH BASKETBALL and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.