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Q: How do I know if I made the team.

A: Rosters are placed on our Teams page usually 1 week after initial tryouts .

Q: How long is the Winter Season?

A: Winter Season runs from December through February, ending around March Madness.

Q: How many players are selected for each team?

A: Each team carries a max. of 10 players, with 1-2 possible alternates.

Q: Where are the practices?

A: Practices are at multiple sites depending on majority in a particular location. Newark Academy, Ridgedale Middle School, or South Orange Middle.

Q: Does everyone make the team

A: Everyone will make one of our rosters.  Team level depends on game evaluation. 

Q: Playing Time

A: It is in our best interest to play all of our players in each game. However, playing time is not guaranteed and minutes will be earned by players who attend practices and prove themselves on the court. The overall purpose of the Winter season is to prepare, improve and get exposure for the Spring, and most players will achieve this in practice.

Parent Behavior

Starting 5ive believes that our highly qualified coaches create the great experience for your son/daughter. Starting 5ive therefore asks parents to abide by a series of beliefs listed below.

1. Let the coach do the coaching. Parents are not to coach from the sidelines during the game.

2. Our development structure believes that each player should be gaining feedback from only one person throughout practice and games, and that is the coach.

3. All parents should respect their coach and display sportsmanship at all tournaments, scrimmages, and practices.

4. Parents should remember that starting 5ive looks to create a positive learning environment for your son/daughter and that everyone involved in this process, including parents and coaches need to be positive role models.