Basketball Instruction and Training for Players, Groups, and Teams
This is where average players become Good player, and there are no limits on how much a good set of workouts can impact a player.
Private 1 on 1 Training
One on One training is for the basketball player that has the desire and work ethic to become better in all aspects of basketball. Here we focus on the basic fundamentals, including footwork, conditioning, shooting form, and alternative moves. All of our trainers have some basketball experience and certified in certain areas. This is recommended atleast once per week for beginners, and more for advances players. –$100 per session

Group Training
Group Training is an excellent way for a set of players with similar skill level to push themselves with a challenging teammate or opponent. Usually players are auto pushed when they see their partner working hard. It’s also a good way to implement the things they learn in a live situation. – $60 per player (4 or more players)

Team Training
Team training is one of our specialties, where we incorporate a variety of drills from our experience and professional clinics that we have attended. You have the option to have us draw up an intense practice or use some of our perks and equipment to get the entire team and Staff going full steam. Team Training is approx. $150 per hour.


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